Empty walls for the designer are just like a blank canvas for the artist.


We help you write your own masterpiece, whether it is modern or contemporary, provence or high-tech style. Taking into consideration all your wishes, we will help you choose a palette that best expresses your inner world.

Innerspace Design Solutions (IDS) formerly ‘Best Design’ was established in 2001. The company provides Interior Design and Consultancy Services and Turnkey Installations for varied type of projects including Commercial and Residential.


As an interior company, attention to detail is paramount

and we work at varying levels of budget from small intimate spaces to large projects. Our work includes the sourcing, procurement of accessories to the commissioning of bespoke cabinetry. Enormous importance is placed on your needs and ideas in order to create stylish and innovative interiors.

We understand that our customers are busy people, so we appreciate every minute of your time. We think through all the details of the project, its style and color, decor, selection of finishing materials and we respond immediately to any requests and solve unexpected problems.

Some of the challenging and prestigious projects that IDS has undertaken are outcome of effective planning, management of time and resources. Clinics @ Farrer Hospital, Retail shops @ Shopping Malls, Landed Property and Residential are the kind of projects completed by the company. As a result there is long standing relationship between the company and the clients after the completion of projects.
Design from an


      Alvin Sim, our Chief Interior Director came with him a vast 20 years' experience. With his extensive experience, he constantly prides himself on working closely with his clients to achieve the highest standards of design and craftsmanship to their satisfaction.